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10 инструментов визуализации Twitter

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By: @Garin

After researching over a thousand Twitter Tools for the Twitter Tools Book I came across many tools that tried to add value by presenting a different way to visualize or analyze your tweets, the people in your network, and the tweets from the people in your network.

Many tools tried to add value and failed. At least they tried. The following tools, however, stand out in my mind as exceptional or entertaining and I recommend you check them out if you want to analyze and visualize your activity on Twitter.

1. The Archivist

The Archivist was built by Mix Online, an opinionated group of designers and developers at Microsoft.

Some of the cool features of this tool include:

  • Top Users
  • Top Words
  • Top URLs
  • Tweet vs. Retweet Ratio
  • Sources (Tools) Tweets are sent with

2. Portwiture

Portwiture is definitely one of the more unique visual Twitter apps that you’ll find. Rather than tag clouds or graphs, Portwiture allows you to visualize your tweets in photographs.


3. MentionMap

MentionMap is a cool network exploring tool. The interactive nature of this tool is very neat, although sometimes awkward to navigate. Test it out for yourself with the embed below.


4. Trendistic

Trendistic is a Twitter trend grapher. They provide the option to either embed Twitter charts as a static image, or a dynamic and constantly updating graph like the Facebook graph below.

5. 5K Twitter Browser

5K Twitter Browser is a very cool way to explore the followers of your followers. The only downside to this app is that there are no links to the profiles, you need to enter the usernames into Twitter directly to check people out, and longer usernames cannot be entirely seen. 5k-twitter-browser

6. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a way to visualize and track the growth of your own followers, and even compare your growth to the growth of other users.


7. Visible Tweets

Visible Tweets is a way to view tweets based on keyword or username. It is basically a screen saver with tweets. Here is a video I did demoing it.

8. Tweetstats

Tweetstats is, you guessed it, statistics for Twitter. And robust statistics at that. Check this tool out for a glimpse into your tweeting style and tendancies.


9. Twistori

Twistori is an elegant way to view a scrolling stream of tweet containing the emotive words: I love, I hate, I think, I believe, I feel, and I wish. This is a pretty interesting way to get a feel for the pulse of Twitter.

twistori10. TwitterMap

TwitterMap is a simple but cool Twitter Tool that will show you who is tweeting any keyword by pinpointing them on a Google Map. I did a quick search for my Twitter username @Garin and could easily see where many of my followers are tweeting me from, around the world.


Bonus Analysis Tools

Twenty Feet

Twenty Feet is a powerful analytics platform that tracks and graphs stats like Twitter mentions, followers, retweets, and more.

Twenty feet also integrates with other services like Facebook, bit,ly, Google Analytics, YouTube, and myspace.

You can track your Twitter and Facebook with Twenty Feet for free, and if you want to track other services beyond these they have paid packages as well and offer a free 30 day trial.



Foller.me is a cool free Twitter analytics tool that enables you to quickly analyze important stats about any Twitter user.

My favorite features of this tool are the topics, hashtags, and mentions analysis.

Other cool features of foller.me include the times of day you usually tweet, the breakdown of your last 100 tweets and more!



TweepsMap is a cool tool that shows you where the greatest percentage of your followers are in the world.

With this tool you can map the effectiveness and distribution of your following.

Below you can see a screen capture of the map TweepsMap generated of my following, which has the greatest concentration in the US and Canada, but is also widely distributed throughout the world.


How To: Rapidly Build Your Twitter Network

The Twitter Marketing Software Tweetadder is a major reason why I now have over 65,000 followers on Twitter. Check out a video demo of this powerful Twitter Marketing Software to see how it works.


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